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The Story of the West Virginia Mine Wars

March 17, 2021

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In the early 1900’s in the coal fields of southern West Virginia, miners faced desperate circumstances. Below ground they withstood some of the worst working conditions in America. Above ground they dealt with brutal mine guards and a mine guard system that controlled the politics and economy of the region. Very few people know of the struggle that took place in these mountains, in this place, and the rights that miners fought for between 1900 and 1921. 

Mark and Doug sit down with Lou Martin, Secretary of the Board for the West Virginia Mine Wars Museum, and Dave Coker, IAFF Strategic Organizer and Greensboro NC Local 947 president, to tell the story of what these miners went through, how it correlates to today's labor movement and a special fundraiser Dave is hosting to get the word out about this not so well known time in American history.


Visit the West Virginia Mine Wars Museum Website


Dave's Fundraiser


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